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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Style and Tokyo: Hole

I wanted this shirt SO BADLY but it didn't fit.

A science beaker necklace to go with the beaker themed dress. dying.
why didn't I get this?
the coffee pants in action
who doesn't love cat shoes?
Everything that was so amazing about Tokyo aside, I LOVED exploring all of the shopping options and spying on all the Japanese girls and guys and their quirky styles.  If I could describe my style, it is pretty basic (full of blacks, whites, greys), clean, on trend - but I'll never snap up the latest trendy thing, instead waiting to see if I like it and if I can incorporate it in to whatever style it is that I have going, so a lot of things pass me by. But Japanese fashion blew my steady road style out of the water because I loved it and I wanted to wallow in it and embrace it! It was so fun and there were so many quirky things to surprise the eye with - I can't describe it!

My FAVORITE store is pictured here....I was SO excited about this shop that we went in to in the Harajuku area of Tokyo (my absolute favorite place to walk around) that I abandoned all of my photographer shyness and asked if I could take pictures. It had the quirkiest most wonderful things that we spent so much time in there just delighting in it...If you are ever there you have to go to Hole (by a "veteran japanese brand, I am I). And here is their blog. (and here is another blog post about them with more pictures of some summer style, lOVE!)

5-25-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku  / 81 (0)3 3406 5658

Tiffany Kadani said...

What the frack? You DIDN'T get that number shirt? It's so you!

Ann said...

Love the shoes and the necklace
and the first shirt too.

The girl in oslo said...

Many cute Things :)

Ola said...

jsut shop, shop and shop!:)

Jane said...

ah so cute! i think i would stay in there for hours and hours.

Amanda said...

That place looks so fun! I am one of those who eyes that kind of stuff and secretly wants to wear it every day but never would because of the fear that I can't pull it off. Still trying to figure out my style with this post partum body. And OMG a trip to Japan??? That sounds awesome. Show us more!

Blicious said...

the numbered shirt! OMG!


Emma Henderson said...

Those heels are AMAZING!

Katrina Sophia said...

beautiful stuff! would love to visit and grab one of their attires x

The Young Bridget Jones

maria said...

those shoes!!!!!! :O


Those shoes are pretty amazing and I love the playful and unique shirts as well. /Madisono

Matthew Pike said...

That's it isn't it, you just got in and ask. 8/10 they will say yes if you say what's it for. They wouldn't let me in the new j.crew shop though, their lost I say!

This looks so fun, and I agree with the style thing. When you hit a city or interesting place is does inspire you a lot. Coffee Pants! I have to share these in my weekly round up, amazing. I once saw some cords that have xmas dinners on them like this, oh and some with martini glasses. Would I wear them...maybe!

Buckets & Spades

Sara said...

You went to Tokyo? It is soo much fun to dress funky in cities that appreciate it, encourage it, love it.
The number shirt subtle and cool. Those blue shoes w/ furniture legs-heels. Quirky!

Flirty 30 said...

How awesome is Tokyo? :-)

I adore that numbered shirt and those cat shoes! hahaha!


Cocktails and Memories

Ashley said...

I now wish I were a man so I could wear the coffee pants :/

Chuzai Living said...

Loved learning that you went to Tokyo! Neat store!



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