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Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend + Links


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+ A touching video on what stay at home moms do all day
+ On quitting sugar
+ Strangers sleeping on strangers on subways...i was smiling so much while watching this!
+ These gloves...for real. are so fun.
+ A cool apartment in London you can rent for a w/e
+ Cool mens shoes and these
+ Beautiful love letter found with an 16th Century mummy

Around Here
+ Gift Guide!!! For Nerds
+ Such pretty jelly fish photos

Hope you guys had a very happy Thanksgiving!!! We spent it eating dinner at a super nice restaurant called "The Old Swiss House" - they make the Wienerschnitzel right at your table - it's such a treat to eat there.  But I definitely would have traded it for my grandma's thanksgiving dinner! So sad not being in the states sometimes.
This weekend we'll head to Germany for a Christmas market!! But then Wesleys grandma leaves on Sunday - sad for wesley as he gets super spoiled! 
See you!
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gift Guide: Nerds.

Or for me!

1. Glow stick umbrella $30.00 (who wouldn't want this?!)
2. 'Sup' door mat $50.00 (for everyones inner gangsta (ashley i'm looking at you))
3. Stereo cufflinks. $22.00 (why am i not a guy?!)
4. Star Wars cookie cutters $7.50 (I don't think I've seen that movie)
5. A villain bottle opener $8.00 (conversation starter for sure)
6. Record placemats $15.00 (be a DJ at dinner)
7. Star wars (or is it trek?) iPhone case! $42.80

Monday, November 25, 2013


Such cool.
vancouver aquarium, may 2013. photos andy clark
via awkward situationalist

Have a great Monday! I can't believe the weekend is over already - it was so relaxing, lots of good food, good company, wesley is enjoying his grandma...and the best was cat naps on the couch while football is on under a warm blanket...and reading.  I think Monday will hit hard!
Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend + Links


Links You Might Like

+ How to moon walk
+ New Tumblr to follow: Rap Poems
+ How you conduct yourself online and in person. Worth a watch
+ Oh the grey tee. 
+ a perfect recipe, overnight oats
+ My perfect holiday party dress
+ Loving H&M Home..and these mugs
+ The original cool dad hipsters

Around Here
+ Larsson & Jennings watches
+ Cool Design
+ Who thought shoe sole inserts could be so cool
+ Gorgeous Japanese bride

Heyyyyya, how is it Friday already? again? What? Marks mom arrives tomorrow to hang out with her grandson for a week and maybe we will check out some Christmas markets! I'm looking forward to the reunion at the airport!
Also, how is it winter already again? double what! remember when it was 5 months ago and we could have a drink after work in the sun? in the daylight?

P.S. That picture is from tokyo - maybe you saw it on my Instagram. Its a view from my companies office (no I didn't work, but my friend I was visiting works there so we went up to take in the views, and maybe a lot of selfies happened, ha!)
Thursday, November 21, 2013


Nice to meet you, Larsson & Jennings watches!
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Drill Design

Some cool designs from Tokyo's Drill Design
Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shoe Sole Inserts by Danke

I totally bought some of these in Tokyo, because I've never seen them before and they are SO FUN WEEEEE!!!! >> Shoe sole inserts by Japanese brand, Danke :: ::

Monday, November 18, 2013

Japanese Bridal Photo

So neat to catch this happening...what a gorgeous image in time with the bride in white.

Did you have a good w/e? I caught up with some friends for coffee/hot chocolate, had the first fondue of the season at a party, breakfast out with my little family, and some cooking! It wasn't a bad one you guys, not at all.
Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Linky Dinks

 Links You Might Like

+ Knitted bean bags! Dreamy.
+ Ever visiting Helsinki? Do the beer trail!
+ This highlighting/contouring photo blew my mind
+ A seriously beautiful wallpaper
+ I need #5!! Game of Thrones fans out there? ;) 
+ I just ordered this for carnvial, I am so excited
+ Such cool double-exposed Instagram pictures
+ Falling for You - a hilarious rom com trailer
+ A great gift guide for your sister 
+ A beautiful wedding, its in the details

Around Here

+ New on my bucket list - ice breaker cruise
+ Amazing photographer and pics of Chicago
+ Love this bar cart
+ Wesleys first year: a Photo
+ Photos from my FAVE store in Tokyo: Hole

I love this beautiful picture of Tokyo. I found it on Pinterest and now I can't find it again for the source, so its admittedly dicey of me to use but it needs to be shared.

Have a great w/e you guys!
Thursday, November 14, 2013

Style and Tokyo: Hole

I wanted this shirt SO BADLY but it didn't fit.

A science beaker necklace to go with the beaker themed dress. dying.
why didn't I get this?
the coffee pants in action
who doesn't love cat shoes?
Everything that was so amazing about Tokyo aside, I LOVED exploring all of the shopping options and spying on all the Japanese girls and guys and their quirky styles.  If I could describe my style, it is pretty basic (full of blacks, whites, greys), clean, on trend - but I'll never snap up the latest trendy thing, instead waiting to see if I like it and if I can incorporate it in to whatever style it is that I have going, so a lot of things pass me by. But Japanese fashion blew my steady road style out of the water because I loved it and I wanted to wallow in it and embrace it! It was so fun and there were so many quirky things to surprise the eye with - I can't describe it!

My FAVORITE store is pictured here....I was SO excited about this shop that we went in to in the Harajuku area of Tokyo (my absolute favorite place to walk around) that I abandoned all of my photographer shyness and asked if I could take pictures. It had the quirkiest most wonderful things that we spent so much time in there just delighting in it...If you are ever there you have to go to Hole (by a "veteran japanese brand, I am I). And here is their blog. (and here is another blog post about them with more pictures of some summer style, lOVE!)

5-25-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku  / 81 (0)3 3406 5658

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wesleys Evolution

Oh the advantages of being on a plane forever and ever - time to do something like this!
This handsome boy, a handsome husband and a cute dog were waiting at the train for me with a flower and lots of smiles when I arrived home from my trip. It was the best.
Monday, November 11, 2013

Bar Cart

I love this bar cart set up idea for a guy by matchbook magazine - what a perfect gift idea for your whiskey loving fellow.
Hahahaha gift idea. happy 7 weeks until Xmas!

AND Happy Monday Party People!! I'm still in Japan but will be home soon...Tokyo is pretty cray, I'd totally live here for maybe a year, but then it would take a lifetime to quiet down again. Kbye!
Friday, November 8, 2013

kaitlin rebesco

Seriously one of my favorite photographers. These photos of Chicago make my heart happy. She also has a Western USA series, Barcelona and Paris. Love...
(Her tumblr is good fun too)
(And I wrote about her head in the clouds series here)
Tuesday, November 5, 2013

IceBreaker Cruises in Kemi - Finland

New on my to-do list - an Ice Breaking cruise in Finland! I'm obsessed now with doing this, it would be so cool. You do a snow mobile trip or a dog sled trip to the ice breaker...float along, then they put you in these thermal floaty suits and you can float around in the water. And we can top it all off with a stay at one of these snowcastles where we could watch the northern lights! This would be so fun to do with Wesley and Mark when he's a little older. Ok, maybe a lot older.
Monday, November 4, 2013


Love these sassy serpent necklaces (from Vale Jewelry)...perfect funky piece for fall/winter...spring..summer...ok anytime. I'm accepting presents...always. muah.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

W/E + Links

This is the perfect weekend outfit, yes? So, good things: a friend was in town from japan, halloween, gin, discovering that I can take slow motion vid on my phone (hilaaaarious), sleep, time with wesley today, no work friday, the circus, other friends in town with their baby who I'm so excited to meet this w/e. The bad: having to bring some work home, what the heck. anyway, what are you up to?!

Links You Might Like

+ Sad Etsy Boyfriends, haha
+ Brides Throwing Cats
+ I want to visit this fam owned restaurant in italy
+ Drawings of objects by a typewriter
+ The funniest cross stitch pic I've seen!
+ Candy wrapper idea
+ Anna Wintour halloween costume...very funny
+ Baby girl gets emotional while her mom sings...this was too precious

Around Here
+ Crispy Autumn Veggie good.
+ A dream house
+ A scarf
+ Gorgeous stationary (and shop)

Friday, November 1, 2013


I love these cards so much that I had to snap them up. I've been to paris 3 times now with some very special different friends each time - i will have to send them a letter with these!
(via The Paris Print Shop)
I also really love this print from them!



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