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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend + Links

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+ Denim skirt, love!
+ The quiet place project 
+ A krispy kreme sloppy joe burger?
+ man lives without money for a year 
+ 25 things in your life that are holding you back
+ Pinterester of the Week: Grain Edit 
+ 16 ways Europeans are better at life?

Around Here
+ Can't vs. Don't - what to tell yourself
+ Some creative bloggers lately
+ Get souvenirs sent to you
+ Hilarious wine labels
+ Awesome kitchen
+ Wesleys birthday pictures

Have a relaxing w/e you guys. Mine started off awesome with seeing a couple of great bands/musicians (Washed Out from Boston and Gang Colours from the UK) in concert and discovering a new awesome venue in Luzern! The rest of the w/e is up for grabs...but I know I want to eat good food. Thats my goal. Tchuss!!
Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Krispy Kreme sloppy joes? I'm intrigued and grossed out. Thanks for the links - it looks like it will be interesting! Happy weekend dear!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Fashion art and other fancies said...

I love a good denim skirt and I love the way she styled the rest of the look too.

Barbara said...

Really interesting that article about the man living without money. Thanks for sharing

Matthew Pike said...

have a nice weekend my friend. The Quite Zone project really struck a cord. Tomorrow night I'm not going to do anything, no interest, no nothing.

alice {sweet dreamer} said...

Love that "16 ways Europeans are better at life"! Thanks for sharing x

M said...

paris <3
always love your photos most!


Wendy said...

Did you take this photo? It's beautiful! I've been thrifting denim skirts every chance I get. Love the quiet place project (muted the music, lol) and I love the 25 things list. Excellent links!

Katherine Dowd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katherine Dowd said...

The one thing I really love about this blog (above all the things I love about this blog!) is that thanks to your links, I get to read some really wonderful new blogs that I probably would never know about . . . thanks for that!

Catita said...

love the 25 things keeping you from succeeding and the wine labels are hilarious!

Catita said...

but didnt like so much 16 ways why european are better at life...i guess it only applies if compared to offense!

Ashley said...

Uggggghh, your link on how Europeans do it better. Why you gotta make me miss all those things. Hate you!



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