This space is killing me, I want it. Except for the Ikea stools, lets think of something else..

What is the deal with this week, it has FLOWN by. Work is crazy, after work plans are crazy, I am crazy. And you know what is annoying me the most? Is that on our bathroom stalls at work there is a page of instructions on how to keep the stall clean, I'm talking like at LEAST 15 rules of using the bathroom and I can't even handle it every day. Like if grown a$$ professional women don't know to change the toilet paper roll when its done then I don't know what to tell the poster of this page. And I highly doubt that a sign with rules will change them at this stage of life, you know?!?! BTW, if you graffiti a stall then it devalues your talent and name. btw.
I'll stop now but that has been simmering for like 2.5 years now.