The Birthday Boy

Thank you all for the birthday wishes for Wesley! They were fun to read and since I'm over-sentimental they were super special. Thanks for hanging along with us for the past year and being excited for him.

Even though I'm sad to see him grow up so fast, once Saturday hit it was all about that kid! On his actual birthday we took him to the toy store and bought him a present of some spinning tops (his daycare says that he loves watching them) - it was sweet to play with them with him that night. There is a fair in town so then we took him on a birthday ferris wheel ride - the 3 of us had so much fun looking out at luzern from the top! Then we took him for some gelato. So he was properly spoiled and celebrated - I wish he could understand how much we love him and want to see him happy!! Someday...
Then Sunday was a little intimate birthday party with some of Wesleys friends (read: me and marks ;)). It was cool to have the people who have hung out with Wesley the past year over to celebrate and be so excited for him! The funniest part was how uninterested he was in the birthday cake - he barely ate any or got messy! (I'm training him well ;)). The other funny thing to watch was when everyone was singing to him - the expression on his face was looked like he thought we were all nuts!

Beautiful cakes by Jenni-Pi, a Luzern based American Treats Bakery - and one of my BFF's! (the cake topper is all mine though with the ghetto cut out letters, haha!)