Well you guys, this is it. This weekend Wesley turns 1. And I just can't get in to it :( We're throwing a little party, with the cake, and I'm making him a cute little crown and he'll have some presents....but I'm not eager about it, you know? I feel like its such a milestone and there is no going back and now we leave behind these quiet and so precious baby days and we careen in to life and everything will go faster than it already has and it breaks. my. heart. I try so hard to enjoy this time with him but its just not enough and I'm a little sad about it all the time.
I adore him. I feel like when life gets to be too fast, and too busy...and too complicated - I have this little rock to come home to. As soon as I walk in the door and he crawls around the corner and I grab him in to my arms and squeeze him against me, its like the day just washes away and I am in the moment, you know? He teaches me to be in the moment. In his moment.
So little Wesley, happy birthday I guess, but lets slow down on the growing up thing a little :(