Fall Shoes!

I love me some fall. And some shoes. Together, its beautiful.  How are you? I had a migraine all day. And then I came home from work, hugged Wesley a lot, ate mcdonalds for dinner... and it vanished! (re: mcdonalds, i hate eating it but its so delicious!) And then I got all this post migraine energy (called thankfulness that you don't feel like scheisse anymore yah even though you ate mcdonalds and your body is crying) and went crazy in the kitchen and made like 3 meals because if you mess up a kitchen for 3 meals at one time you only need to clean it once instead of 3 times ammiright? And then that is more time for other pursuits like Pinterest. and Real Housewives of Vancouver. And Wesley doesn't like the loud chopper thing so things get complicated when he's awake and "helping" me.  And I'd rather watch him tear down my house instead of cooking tomorrow (actually its pretty cute how he's learned to pull things down without getting hit). Also, I'm kidding about RHOV. Wait no I'm not. I suck!

1// Haute Look Cognac  2// Target Oxfords  3// J. Crew Loafers  4// Converse 5// Shopbop Laceless  6// TopShop 7// Combats  8// TopShop