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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Such a great one..
(via SourPuss Knits)

Sooooo, what are you going to be for halloween? I ears. the most boring halloween costume ever. it came with a tail so maybe i'll put that on. idk. its hard to get excited for halloween when no one here really celebrates it. but, when we go to our pub tomorrow we'll get a free shot if we're dressed up. so there's that! but wait...i just realized that i paid 10 francs for the cat ear, and the shot is probably not worth 10. Or maybe I'm breaking even. whatever, i like my cat ears and i'm wearing them right meow. bye!
Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This House

I see a lot of houses here and there on the internet but this one stopped me in my tracks! Its warm, cozy, tidy and there's a pool (which is a fixture in my dream house, but someone else takes care of it of course).  I feel like for the past year or so I was saturated with images of gorgeous white decor/design, white this, white that but now I'm craving woods and prints and warmth. Or maybe its just winter. I don't know. (see more here)
Monday, October 28, 2013

Pinterest Food Try

These crispy autumn vegetable burgers with apple cider slaw were absolutely delicious! Find the recipe at How Sweet It Is
(I made it with the roasted broccoli from this recipe (minus the shrimp)
Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend + Links

(photo by justine ariel)

Hey! Have a good w/e! I am not sure what I'm up to!
P.S. and btw, lol'ing at you funny girls, I'm definitely not pregnant, I'm like on lock down, no babies here!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Seriously, (via). This morning. Thank goodness wesley had a lie in. And then I also napped over his nap like full on under the covers and everything for way too long. (i have a nap policy where it has to be on top of the covers or on the couch or i think i would never get up, so this was serious) And then at the gym I just kind of lounged on the sit down bike and didn't even break a sweat. Why am I so tired? Make it go away!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pizza Toast

This looks quick and simple...I'm so hungry but its 10pm. I think its because I've been eating literally all day long, and now I'm posting about food (and I tried spelling posting like poasting which rhymes with roasting which could be food). I should go to bed!
(via Simple Cooking)
Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend + Links

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Have a relaxing w/e you guys. Mine started off awesome with seeing a couple of great bands/musicians (Washed Out from Boston and Gang Colours from the UK) in concert and discovering a new awesome venue in Luzern! The rest of the w/e is up for grabs...but I know I want to eat good food. Thats my goal. Tchuss!!
Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can't vs. Don't

I'm doing this online course about Social Psychology (still obsessed with those free online courses! nerd!) and I read about an interesting study the other day.  Its basically saying that when you are trying to change your habits - using the words "I can't" versus "I don't" can make all the difference. So, say you are trying to exercise consistently but you are slacking one are more likely to fail if you say to yourself, "I can't miss a workout tonight" instead of "I don't miss work outs".  Or "I can't eat this sugar!" versus "I don't eat sugar".  They ran studies on several groups of women and the groups who told themselves that they 'don't' do something always had much higher percentages of participants who met their goals.
What do you think? I think we are very used to ignoring 'can't' messages to ourselves...but its a little more ballsy to defy the 'don't' messages. I've been trying this with running and it has definitely worked! What would you try it on?
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Creative Bloggers

I like this whole photo/setup and idea :)
(via likes of us)

This picture of Paris by Wit and Delight. I guess it took me a few trips to warm up to that city, but now I'd go back in a heart beat.

This beautiful oil painting by a blogger friend - found in her shop, Katrina Sophia.

This great photo by Hollie Nickolls
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Box From...

Amanda just posted about this and I had to share - there is this site called 'a box from' you can buy a box of souvenirs from random places (they will let you know when a box is ready - the last one (contents shown above) was from Tehran. That is a pretty genius idea...(even though its sad because they aren't special because you were there, but...seems to be cool things!)
Monday, October 14, 2013

Bitch Fest Wine

funnyyyyyy. (wine bottle labels by Bitch Fest)
What would your label say right now? Mine would be all "When your 1 year old doesn't get enough sleep at daycare and is a beeyotch when he comes home"
(jk, he's not that bad and i still love him. but i had to say something because i pry shouldn't complain about work on my blog? ;) )
Thursday, October 10, 2013


This space is killing me, I want it. Except for the Ikea stools, lets think of something else..

What is the deal with this week, it has FLOWN by. Work is crazy, after work plans are crazy, I am crazy. And you know what is annoying me the most? Is that on our bathroom stalls at work there is a page of instructions on how to keep the stall clean, I'm talking like at LEAST 15 rules of using the bathroom and I can't even handle it every day. Like if grown a$$ professional women don't know to change the toilet paper roll when its done then I don't know what to tell the poster of this page. And I highly doubt that a sign with rules will change them at this stage of life, you know?!?! BTW, if you graffiti a stall then it devalues your talent and name. btw.
I'll stop now but that has been simmering for like 2.5 years now.
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Birthday Boy

Thank you all for the birthday wishes for Wesley! They were fun to read and since I'm over-sentimental they were super special. Thanks for hanging along with us for the past year and being excited for him.

Even though I'm sad to see him grow up so fast, once Saturday hit it was all about that kid! On his actual birthday we took him to the toy store and bought him a present of some spinning tops (his daycare says that he loves watching them) - it was sweet to play with them with him that night. There is a fair in town so then we took him on a birthday ferris wheel ride - the 3 of us had so much fun looking out at luzern from the top! Then we took him for some gelato. So he was properly spoiled and celebrated - I wish he could understand how much we love him and want to see him happy!! Someday...
Then Sunday was a little intimate birthday party with some of Wesleys friends (read: me and marks ;)). It was cool to have the people who have hung out with Wesley the past year over to celebrate and be so excited for him! The funniest part was how uninterested he was in the birthday cake - he barely ate any or got messy! (I'm training him well ;)). The other funny thing to watch was when everyone was singing to him - the expression on his face was looked like he thought we were all nuts!

Beautiful cakes by Jenni-Pi, a Luzern based American Treats Bakery - and one of my BFF's! (the cake topper is all mine though with the ghetto cut out letters, haha!)

Monday, October 7, 2013


This is killing me, I saw these on Pinterest and fell in loooove....but the source is lame, who makes these? Is it you?

Update: Anonymous left a comment that they were able to find the designer at Apres Ski on Big Cartel- they have tons of other great stuff too! THANKS ANONYMOUS - you have better googling skills than I do...
Thursday, October 3, 2013


Well you guys, this is it. This weekend Wesley turns 1. And I just can't get in to it :( We're throwing a little party, with the cake, and I'm making him a cute little crown and he'll have some presents....but I'm not eager about it, you know? I feel like its such a milestone and there is no going back and now we leave behind these quiet and so precious baby days and we careen in to life and everything will go faster than it already has and it breaks. my. heart. I try so hard to enjoy this time with him but its just not enough and I'm a little sad about it all the time.
I adore him. I feel like when life gets to be too fast, and too busy...and too complicated - I have this little rock to come home to. As soon as I walk in the door and he crawls around the corner and I grab him in to my arms and squeeze him against me, its like the day just washes away and I am in the moment, you know? He teaches me to be in the moment. In his moment.
So little Wesley, happy birthday I guess, but lets slow down on the growing up thing a little :(
Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Shoes!

I love me some fall. And some shoes. Together, its beautiful.  How are you? I had a migraine all day. And then I came home from work, hugged Wesley a lot, ate mcdonalds for dinner... and it vanished! (re: mcdonalds, i hate eating it but its so delicious!) And then I got all this post migraine energy (called thankfulness that you don't feel like scheisse anymore yah even though you ate mcdonalds and your body is crying) and went crazy in the kitchen and made like 3 meals because if you mess up a kitchen for 3 meals at one time you only need to clean it once instead of 3 times ammiright? And then that is more time for other pursuits like Pinterest. and Real Housewives of Vancouver. And Wesley doesn't like the loud chopper thing so things get complicated when he's awake and "helping" me.  And I'd rather watch him tear down my house instead of cooking tomorrow (actually its pretty cute how he's learned to pull things down without getting hit). Also, I'm kidding about RHOV. Wait no I'm not. I suck!

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