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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Its sunday night, M is home...all the boys are asleep and I'm flipping through pictures of Wesley and getting all mom-sentimental. I just had of weekend of just Wesley and I, eating meals together, putting things on eachothers heads, reading books, throwing balls for Bama, trying to make Wesley laugh and I can't get over it...How is he 11 months old already? Where has all of this time gone? 
(i mean, remember when he was 11 days old?).

Have a lovely sunday and see you tomorrow.
Kate said...

I never used to believe it when people told me to treasure every moment with baby Grace because that time would pass by in the blink of an eye - but here she is now aged two years and four months! I have no idea where time has gone, I really haven't.

Matthew Pike said...

is he fancying a bit of the old mixing then?

Christine said...

Only 11 months old and already a DJ!

Kristina said...

Such a sweet little DJ!! Oh gosh and the pictures with 11 days! So overly adorable!!!

Kristina x

M said...

beautiful photo!


brittany said...

gosh the growing up! it happens so fast! sweet babies!

Amanda said...

awww! are those socks or little shoes?

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

They grow up so fast don't they? My niece turns one this month, I have no idea where the past year went!

x Jasmine

Ola said...

Time is passing by so quickly, my Alexander was this Friday 6 weeks old!

Lady Grey said...

what a little sweetheart!
Oh and the whole time passing thing.... yup, it's the craziest!
For us, I feel like it took forever to reach 6 months, and since then time has just spiralled out of control!

christina said...

such a sweet photo. it really flies by!! so bittersweet. someone told me yesterday that my baby wasn't a baby anymore...i seriously almost started crying right there.

maria said...

where has the time gone!!! 11 months? So beautiful.
i love this pic too. getting into the groove ;)



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