Weekend + Links

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Links You Might Like
+ Why Gen Y is unhappy
+ a town is terrorized by a clown. seriously. i'd never leave the house
+ Seriously amazing B&W photos by Benoit Courti
+ A video about phones and how we are too attached. It made me sad. Do you think its like this? 
+ 39 Awesomely different pumpkin ideas
+ This book keeps getting recommended to me
+ Really gorgeous kitchen and dining room before and after
+ A steampunk coffee shop in SA - pretty cool
+ What it looks like to soar on the back of an eagle through a French mtn. range
+ OMG. This genius to-do list maker made my inner list maker geek out

Village this Week
+ Shop My Closet
+ The best baby/toddler shoes
+ Gorg wedding dresses
+ Art and Fashion foto mashups
+ Best designed hostels

Ha-ppy weekend yo. This week was exhausting for some reason. Its getting colder, I'm entering my social hibernation phase I think...Wesley is sick which meant a trip to the dr, can't get ahead on my to-do list and now I'm not feeling that great. Its 8:46pm and I'm seriously considering going to bed. But I DID book tickets to visit a friend in Tokyo in a few weeks. Heck yes. So I guess that makes everything ok!
What is your life like at the moment?