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Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekend + Links

image via sezane
Links you Might Like
+ My fave fashion blogger and my fave cathedral...loved this shoot.
+ Sarah Silvermans heartbreaking obituary for her dog :( 
+ The new summer song...
+ Garance Dore's talk on femininity. i love this. go her.
+ Love these heels.
+ Snap up these kids Vintage Sorel Duck Boots 
+ Mason Jar hanging lamps 
+ Cool carnival pics 
+ iPad mini covers
+ Pinterester of the week: Sally Mussellwhite: pretty sure I love anything this girl posts

You Might Have Missed
+ the most beautiful engagement ring
+ my new favorite store that i wish was cheap
+ coolest of the cool scarves
+ things to learn
+ moody photo
+ grey treats

Have a spectacular weekend!!! I don't know what I'm doing!
Claudz said...

Love the cathedral photo shoot
Those heels are awesome!
Such fun carnival pics.

I am sad today so I skipped the dog post....

Have a wonderful weekend

rooth said...

What Does the Fox Say makes me laugh like a maniac EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear it

brittany said...

love that one by garance!!!

Lady Grey said...

Just read that Garance Dore post and I love it too! She's awesome.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

That cathedral photo shoot is out of this world!

Sally said...

What does the fox say is hilarious! haaaaaaaa - thank you for bringing this into my life.
Also, pinterester of the week?! Thank you so much Krystal! I am a bit addicted to it right now :) x

petal and plume said...

your blog is fabulous, absolutely loving it!!

Barbara said...

I always enjoy your weekend links! specially loved the carnival pics!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Very nice! The third piece is my favorite.

Oh to Be a Muse
Shop Layered Muse

M said...

you're my go to weekend links girl :)




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