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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wedding Dress.

Obviously I'm past the season of weddings, but beautiful dresses are beautiful dresses...that one on the left is perfection. (Obv I would pair it with this ring)

(for more unique-ish dresses, visit Stone Fox Bride)
Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Gorgeous. I think the wedding dress is the best part and I asked my husband the other day if we could throw ourselves another wedding- so I could wear my dress and get presents :)

Tracey said...

Yes, yes ... beautiful gowns should always be appreciated regardless of the occasion. This one is a real beauty!! xx

rooth said...

I totally already have that site bookmarked. Because I'm not getting married anytime soon but hey, a girl's got to be prepared right???

maria said...

omg. I just came to visit (after ages, sorry) and the first thing i see is a wedding dress. And i've just posted about my "yes" to the "will you marry me" moment!!
Love the dress, btw!

Amanda said...

Krystal!! I wanna see what you wore for YOUR wedding! ;)

Dexter Louis said...

Wedding dress is looking perfect for slim brides. My bride has also slim shape body and I hope she’ll like this dress.
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