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Links you Might Like
+ What a beautiful backyard wedding - the photos are good!
+ this slo-mo wedding booth video is so fun...
+ Ikea catalog kids room inspiration
+ Scary clown pictures from the 20th century
+ Toronto blogger tries living 1 year on freebies and handouts from blog.
+ 10 American foods that are banned in other countries
+ A seriously gorgeous wedding reception of a blog friend!
+ Here's an iPhone case for you
+ 30 Things to learn - this is cute
+ The Science of Persuasion (interesting lecture)
+ Awkward Years project...so funny

Village this Week
+ a scarf as a camera strap
+ cool decor ideas
+ these would be pretty wardrobe additions
+ fave instagrams from lately
+ a seriously cool dinner set
+ a beautiful room

Have a great weekend you guys! Mark is out of town so I'm going to have some special Wesley time (who is 11 months old now btw!). And some birthday drinks with a dear friend (happy bday shashank!)