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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend + Links

Links you Might Like

+ I'd take this apartment for sale, furnished!

+ What does your selfie say about you?

+ Love this sweatshirt with zips on the side

+ I don't know world, dishwasher cooking?

Village this Week

+ Awesome mugs
+ Apple and chicken omelet
+ Santorini photos
+ Good looks

Have an amazing weekend! I don't even know what I'm doing, its Saturday almost noon and I'm still recovering from a work drinks session - no bueno. I hope your saturday is more productive than mine! ciao!
marissa bognanno said...

I loved the selfie post! Ha! Hope you're well! :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

What a great short jacket! And I love your travel pics, beautiful!

sorelle in style said...

I can happily say I've already done some of these things this weekend! Hope you enjoy :)

sorelle in style

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Checking out these links now, have an awesome weekend!

Hollie Nickolls said...

the dishwasher cooking!! I saw that on pinterest. I'm not one to judge, but hello! lazy!

Katrina Sophia said...

Everything in this post is awesome, especially the selfie!

Ola said...

Have a nice Sunday!

bethan said...

I love that print! Although I'm not too sure how bringing in something that suggests killing the tv would go down in my household! X

Barbara said...

Really loved those Santorini pictures

ohseems said...

I need that print on my wall. & lol @ the selfie post.

Matthew Pike said...

Now those are some proper selfies, old time selfies. I'm interested to know if the dishwasher thing works.

Take it easy Krystal

Wendy said...

My selfie says I have multiple chins.




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