The World Dinnerware Collection

Hey Monday! It is Monday, which is first day back to reality in a few weeks, my girl isn't here, I'm back to working normally, no traveling...SOB...but it will be ok. Oh, and hey whole30. Anyway.

Last week when I was in Milan, I visited the Design Supermarket (located on the bottom floor of la Rinascente - an upscale department store right next to the Duomo). The whole bottom floor is dedicated to new and innovative design/decor items and its always changing based on the scene...there were SO MANY cool and interesting things! ("so many thiiiiiiings" we kept saying in excitement). From notebooks, quirky items for your office, childrens design, stools, cookware, mugs, bags, lamps, desks...literally, everything. It was a design bloggers heaven I think. If you are in Milan you can't miss this. And while you're there head to the very top floor for a rooftop bar looking on to the Duomo! (because you'll need a drink after all the money you spent)

Anyway, these mugs were featured there - I bought a green Rome one (because there was. no. milan. which. is. my. favorite. city!) They are from The World Dinnerware collection by Seletti - which also offers plates, etc. Very cool! 
Stay tuned for some more pics from the design market...I might have gone crazy.