Making Memories

Happyyyy Friday!
Well, my friend who was visiting left this morning and now I'm so sad. We've been friends since middle school and this past 2 weeks with her flew by...when living in a foreign land, its so precious to have a huge piece of home near for 2 whole weeks - someone who knows you, your family, your dorky middle school self, and who has been there through all life transitions. So now I'm all sentimental, but I had the most amazing time showing her paris, cinque terre and milan...long train rides, tons of laughs, drinks, late nights, lots of walking, new people. Here's where I start sobbing hysterically. Come back Kelli!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I guess now its back to reality...and probably and food, spending and alcohol detox, ha!

Have a great weekend....I'll be cleaning up and spending time with my boys ;)

P.S. Picture is from a night in Paris, keeping it class for America!

P.S.S. Back to a regular posting schedule next week!