3 Months Post Whole30 :: Thoughts

Recipe for Summer Julienned Vegetables via SkinnyTaste
Well, its been 3 months since I completed my first Whole30. You can read my "final thoughts" here and see some of my favorite recipes here. (For those who don't know, Whole30 is 30 days of no carbs, sugar, alcohol, dairy, grain, legumes, processed food).

I wanted to check in because I was reading through some of the stuff that I said in those blogs...one of which was "I won't say it changed my life or anything..." and I had to stop right there and bring it up again. Because 3 months post Whole30 I can indeed say that it has DEFINITELY changed my life.

I wish I could say that I've continued the Whole30 eating style consistently since then but that would be a total lie (damn you switzerland and your fresh baked breakfast bread with the chocolate chips in it right on the way to my train!).

But...BUT! The way I eat has changed. For the past month and a half I've had 2 sets of visitors, I've gone on 3 vacations out of the country...one a week in Greece where i did not hold back on tasting the local cuisine - so its been difficult to plan meals (it takes a lot of planning to eat whole) and I haven't focused as much on it. But I find that I've maintained the 15lb weight loss (+4 more lbs after I finished)....I consistently choose menu items that are as close to whole foods as I can, dairy is non existent in my diet, desserts just aren't worth it anymore (they are an every now and then treat (or everyday if you're in Greece on vacation ;)) and I just crave that Whole30 feeling in general so I choose food that gets me as close to it as I can.

That detoxed feeling...and the feeling of only feeding your body whole pure healthy things is unbeatable. I can't get it out of my head. Everyday I want that again - even though I continue to "fail", I also choose that way of eating as much as I can and I know I'm better for it. And, I can't wait to do another Whole30 (when my last visitor leaves in August)...September Whole30, I'm looking at you!

So yes, it has changed my life...I will never look at food the same again. Because now I know that when I'm feeling tired and lazy and have no energy....that it is directly related to what I'm eating. And that, my friends, is control. I don't have to feel like that. And more often than not...I won't.

Are you going to try it yet?

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