Naples, Cruises, New Kids on the Block, etc..

I just stumbled in to this NY Times article about 36 hours in Naples, Italy - and I'm kind of
daydreaming of going there now...especially for the pie!

P.S. Or what about this Top Chef cruise?, water, pool

P.P.S Did you know there was a New Kids on the Block Cruise that sold out in an hour? Whateven?

P.P.P.S. Following NyTimes travel on Twitter is kind of cool...

And one more random thing...speaking of cruises, I have to tell you the craziest thing. A couple days ago one of my BFF's from the USA emailed and was all 'hey! eric and i are going on a cruise in Europe, you should come meet us at one of the ports! (and sent the link)'. I was all...ignoring the link because there was no way we could just fly somewhere for one day! Then Mark and I booked our anniversary trip to Greece (a whole other freakout in my head) yesterday - and then I decided to look at her itinerary...and she will get to Santorini the DAY AFTER US! I'm dying. For real. What are the chances???