Meet Maria

Sometimes I meet someone who just totally charms and fascinates me and I want to hear their whole life story and I get really excited about them - and Maria is one of these people.

I found out that she was born in Burgundy, France right above a vineyard. She started traveling around, she lived in the Geneva (Switzerland) area for a year "just only passed through" (how accurate! a year is so small...) - then, in 1974 she came to Santorini. She was supposed to leave one day..and then her boat got cancelled. And then she was supposed to leave again another day and that boat was cancelled...until she decided to stay. So she found a cave house 2km away from Oia (above a vineyard) - and just stayed!

And now its 40 years later and she has seen Santorini change from a simple island to a booming tourist mecca - and it was so interesting to hear about. Her friends who also came around when she did had made a photo book of Oia in 1975 that she let me flip through - it was so interesting to see a quaint village, no tourist shops, normal islanders going about their business, etc...even photos of a wedding.

I wanted to hear the rest of her life, but, it was probably awkward enough that I was grilling her with questions already ;) I did ask to take her photo and she said 'of course!' and that most people don't ask and she goes on letting them think they are getting a photo of a real greek person, ha!

So, if you're ever in Santorini - find her shop in Oia (Maria Baba Vida) and enjoy..