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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Science Time!

You guys, my friend Ashley shared this on her FB wall and at first I ignored but then I was like...she said it was "trippy" and I gotta believe this girl because her kind of trippy and my kind of trippy are pretty darn similar, so anyway, then I clicked on the link and got sucked in. There are no words really, so you should click on THIS LINK (The Scale of the Universe Tool)  and go interact with this awesome tool...Scroll on the bottom to move in and out and you can click on the pictures for more information.

And then, don't forget to watch the video that answers The Most Astounding Fact about the Universe


I love this photo idea for a wedding...or anything really - use a long exposure shot while someone runs around the subject with a sparkler...very cool!

P.S. This is so how we've felt this past weekend
Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So so pretty. I'm loving those high waisted bottoms...i almost bought a pair at american apparel but they were a million dollars so I didn't. I'll save though for next summer when they are out of style and on sale. 
Monday, July 29, 2013


Owning these minimalist playing cards (by NY based designer Joe Doucet) would make me happy....They would collect dust on a shelf with all of my other cards would make me happy!
fave card game? go! (mine's 'war'...i've must have played that a thousand times growing up)


Two beauuuuutiful bedrooms, ammiright?
one // two

Hope you guys had a great w/e. What did you do?
Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekend + Links

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+ A unique list of 30 things to do before you're 30
+ How to live with Introverts (p.s. this is so me)
+ Cool super moon pic
+ Oh look, a floor just for me
+ 36 parenting hacks that make life easier 
+ This dress..
+ Everyones wearying breezy slouchy print trousers similar to these  and these lately, are you?

Here this week
+ The perfect bag
+ Good song
+ Meet Maria
+ 2 Pins

Oh hey Friday, it snuck up on me a little.

First things first, I am starting a new reader for my blog world - because I am lame and didn't correctly import my old one...tragedy! I've been able to get to your blogs by your if you don't often say hi, leave one so I can put your blog in my reader!

And so, the pic above is from Santorini...ok, that was my dream trip. I hate when you look forward to something for so long and then its over so fast! Still feeling refreshed though. Will share pictures soon! What are you up to for the w/e? It's like switzerlands week to be in the 90' I'll pretty much be submerged in the lake by day and trolling the music fest by night. Thats about it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2 Things

Two things that I've seen lately on Pinterest that I love. Especially the small pool. I think I'm obsessed with having a small pool someday. Like this one, but with more sun. Small pool Small pool! Actually I'm pry just going to make a BFF with a pool, its cool. I'm too lazy to take care of it.
pool // wine rack
Monday, July 22, 2013


Here is a song for your Monday....lets ease in to the week, yeah?

The Blue Balls Festival is happening in Luzern right now - 2 weeks packed with concerts, musicians everywhere, street food, much going on and such a fun vibe in the city. The song up there is by Morcheeba - we met them in the pub this w/e and so we went to their concert last night - although I had not heard their songs before, it was an amazing show! Hope you enjoy it..
Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meet Maria

Sometimes I meet someone who just totally charms and fascinates me and I want to hear their whole life story and I get really excited about them - and Maria is one of these people.

I found out that she was born in Burgundy, France right above a vineyard. She started traveling around, she lived in the Geneva (Switzerland) area for a year "just only passed through" (how accurate! a year is so small...) - then, in 1974 she came to Santorini. She was supposed to leave one day..and then her boat got cancelled. And then she was supposed to leave again another day and that boat was cancelled...until she decided to stay. So she found a cave house 2km away from Oia (above a vineyard) - and just stayed!

And now its 40 years later and she has seen Santorini change from a simple island to a booming tourist mecca - and it was so interesting to hear about. Her friends who also came around when she did had made a photo book of Oia in 1975 that she let me flip through - it was so interesting to see a quaint village, no tourist shops, normal islanders going about their business, etc...even photos of a wedding.

I wanted to hear the rest of her life, but, it was probably awkward enough that I was grilling her with questions already ;) I did ask to take her photo and she said 'of course!' and that most people don't ask and she goes on letting them think they are getting a photo of a real greek person, ha!

So, if you're ever in Santorini - find her shop in Oia (Maria Baba Vida) and enjoy..
Monday, July 15, 2013

A bag

Now pretty! Where can I find it? And will they sell it to me for less than too much?

Happy Monday you guys! Kbye

P.S. Cool free font

Friday, July 12, 2013

Your W/E Links

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+ A hilarious roundup of the funniest face swaps - you funny
+ Boys wearing girls clothes always makes me laugh (bf's wear gf's clothes)
+ These earrings are pretty cute...and these
+ Cute magnet miniatures 
+ NPR's sandwich monday posts make me laugh so much
+ My imaginary well-dressed daughter - funny pinterest board!
+ An awesome kickstarter, its taking names!

Village this Week
+ Our trip to Sardinia 
+ Good traveling outfits

Have a great w/e!! The photo above is from our balcony in Santorini...I think I'm in love with this place, and Greece and taking pictures and Greek food, etc (always food ;)).
Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This cute airport ensemble guide that I saw on Pinterest from Sole Society...because I actually waste time stressing about what to wear on flights...
Monday, July 8, 2013

Sardinia, Italy

Since Marks sister was visiting during June, we wanted to go on a trip together somewhere - ended up in Sardinia - it was perfect! Wesley got to hang out by/in the ocean for the first time (he did NOT like being in it...but it was pretty cold). We hung out at the pool, some beaches, went for a hike, enjoyed some food, etc...quite relaxing with 3 to take care of the boy :) Tip to parents: A baby backpacking backpack is beyond perfect for a trip like this - we left the stroller at home and Wesley loves hanging out in it...great for wandering around beaches and even in the airport!
Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend + Links

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+ What Barbie would look like with an average woman's body
+ I agree with this quote about things in your home
+ Are you on Tumblr? Here is mine. I've revived it a little..
+ I can imagine this being my living room
+ I like Digg Reader, what have you been using?

Village this Week:
+ 36 Hours in Naples
+ Hilarious gym teacher

Hope you all had a safe 4th holiday - this holiday always makes me a little homesick...always feel like I'm missing out on the party, I mean my friends everywhere in the country are having a good time! Beer, coozies, float parties, bbq's, fireworks....I can't wait to have a 4th of July in the states again!
Marks mom arrived on Friday so we've been mooning around with Wesley going for bike rides, ice cream, etc. So fun to see grandma reunited with her grandson (who is 9 months old now, what even!). I think a hike is on the agenda today? What are you up to?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gym Teacher

A (now) retired gym teacher wears the same outfit in his yearbook photo for 40 years....his wife dared him!
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Naples, Cruises, New Kids on the Block, etc..

I just stumbled in to this NY Times article about 36 hours in Naples, Italy - and I'm kind of
daydreaming of going there now...especially for the pie!

P.S. Or what about this Top Chef cruise?, water, pool

P.P.S Did you know there was a New Kids on the Block Cruise that sold out in an hour? Whateven?

P.P.P.S. Following NyTimes travel on Twitter is kind of cool...

And one more random thing...speaking of cruises, I have to tell you the craziest thing. A couple days ago one of my BFF's from the USA emailed and was all 'hey! eric and i are going on a cruise in Europe, you should come meet us at one of the ports! (and sent the link)'. I was all...ignoring the link because there was no way we could just fly somewhere for one day! Then Mark and I booked our anniversary trip to Greece (a whole other freakout in my head) yesterday - and then I decided to look at her itinerary...and she will get to Santorini the DAY AFTER US! I'm dying. For real. What are the chances???



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