Weekend + Links

Links You'll Like
+ Rocking out to this song lately
+ What your style of egg says about you....
+ Quite possibly the worst dress ever
+ Such a great summer dress and even this one
+ Here's another cute backpack

Village this Week (maybe you missed?)
+ Hello it's you - a beautiful photo tumblr that focuses on a new color every 2 weeks. in love.
+ The cutest nursery that I ever did see
+ A roundup of summer sandals
+ headband diy - no sewing, people!
+ beautiful piece of furniture
+ My favoritist pair of shoes. meow. (totally ordered these)
+ awesome decor idea: oversized photos
+ Pretty necklaces

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! It was gorgeous weather yesterday, summer is here! I layed out by the pool and played around at the lake with the boys...indulged in some ice cream, etc. Good times :) My sister in law is coming to visit today for a few weeks, Wesley is going to be spooooiled!!