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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend + Links

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Links You Might Like
+ 28 Reasons to Appreciate your Dad on Fathers Day (#20 made me lol)(sorry a little late)
+ Bitchy Resting Face...hilarious
+ DIY Geo Doormat
+ More cool pillows!

Village This Week
+ Amazing porthole photo series
+ Boot love
+ Summer drink
+ Signature necklaces

Hope you guys are having a great w/e! I've just been pal'ing around with the fam, went for a run, jumped in the lake (cold!) and tonight...the night is young. Monday we leave for Sardinia! Busy times these days with fam in town!
little t said...

The bitchy resting face video is hilarious, Krystal.

And I had seen that doormat... but never thought of making it!

Lady Grey said...

Enjoy your family time, and Sardinia - fun!!! I've always wanted to go there. Take pictures and share it with us ;)

Catita said...

Enjoy Sardinia and I love this photo, where did you take it?

maria said...

Nice to catch up on what you've been up to, lady. Good on you for going for that run. More than I can say i did over the weekend. Keep an eye out in your email...I'm sending you something soon - would love your advice on this...
Thank you! xx

M said...

Have FUn!
i'm traveling to Montreal soon! Ever been?

Check out my GIVEAWAY! :)


Josie said...

Those pillows are fab -- hope you had a fun weekend!
xo Josie

Mat said...

that's a cracking photo krystal



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