Sandal Style

I learned something today, that my taste in sandals is slightly boring. Or else sandals are boring. My friend and I were having this convo over email actually, about how all the sandals look like the sandals from the past 10 years (except for these, rlc, here you go, wtf, i'd wear those everyday) and how someone needs to work on making amazing new sandal that I approve. But these are my faves so far. Especially number 2!!

1. H&M black/brown (24.95)
2. Green/Black/White (136.50)
3. Bijou Flat//Nasty Gal (110)
4. white/tan/madewell (59.50)
5. maroon/tan//UO (29)
6. black zara sandals (40)
7. Gap Leopard Flip Flops (29.95)