Weekend + Links

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+ An awesome lunar eclipse over Hungary
+ Cross Sections of foods
+ Should I get this dress?
+ Love this Polyvore travel light idea board
+ Think I'll get an iPhone so I can get this case
+ This is so going to be Wesley
+ The new workout rage

Village this week
+ Photo Series: Head in the Clouds
+ Sunglasses
+ Backpack roundup
+ Gem scarves

Hallo everybody, have a sunny weekend for me because its. still. raining. in. luzern.  I imagine Wesley is wondering what kind of world he was born in to...poor kid! I mean, it's almost June!!

Nothing exciting planned our way besides that I'm anticipating a dinner tonight with friends at a place called "Soul Chicken" and a friend is playing at a bar afterwards. Basically, I'm going to do that then try to stay dry.  Its cute when I go out dressed in rain boots and a rain jacket, nbd.

Have a fantastic weekend all of you crazy people!

P.S. On blog business: I'm excited to be trying out a partnership with ShopBop for the next 3 months, so if you see a few advertisements in posts here and there show them some love! Or, alternatively, let me know if its completely clashing with my vibe. I think they have some really great deals and items so I anticipate it being a beautiful thing ;)