Weekend + Links

+ Rap quote street signs by artist, Jay Shells

+ A beautiful letter for a 5 1/2 month old

+ 27 ways you are not Carrie Bradshaw (what did you think of this?)

+ My new addiction...free online courses here and here

+ There is a laughter parade in Zurich today (that might creep me out!)

+ Perfect baby shoes (imo)

What are you guys up to this w/e?? Had a fun catch up with a friend last night. Today Wesley and I are going to Marks trials bike club opening (yeah event food and guys doing tricks on bikes!). Tonight will be friend fun and tomorrow I hope to clean and catch up on my online courses (because i. am. a. nerd.)

Village/This Past Week

+ Cozy and stylish pillows
+ Fun selection of coasters
+ 12 Hours Travel Guide feature
+ Roller Derby pics!