Saturday we spent at the opening event for the Trials Bike club that Mark is a part of with some of our friends - it was way cool to see all these guys (and girls!) hopping up on things and stuff. The bikes are crazy looking and have no seats - I tried riding one around and its a super weird feeling. After riding it, I was even more amazed at the skill that people have to jump on a bench let alone a tall stack of pallets or whatever. One of the top ranked trials rider in the world was there with his big tour bus and did a couple of demonstrations. Anyway, Wesley was super impressed by his handsome dad ;) Another cool thing for the club was that Luzerner Beer made special labels for the event and called the beer "Bunnyhopf" or 'bunny hop', I thought that was cute so was sure to drink some ;)

P.S. have you ever seen any of Danny MacAskills trials riding videos? They are incredible.