Weekend + Links

Happy weekend kids...I feel like I have weekends now that I'm working again! Tonight some friends and I are going to see a roller derby...zurich girls vs. cologne. Have you ever been to one? I haven't and I'm so excited...
Wesley is doing great - such a happy kid, I can't get over him. (which is probably a good thing). And look at those two little teeth!
And btw, thanks for your all of your feedback and comments on the Whole30 posts (final thoughts & fave recipes)!  I've taken this week off and decided I feel like crap with all the sugar I've been eating (maybe I'm going overboard though) but still...think I'm back to clean eating on Monday! The problem is...my work has a new coffee machine that serves latte macchiatos, which I've become addicted to in one week.

// Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food (brilliant) (via maria)
// Beautiful shoes
// The perfect little ring ?
// I'm excited for this shirt to arrive (work clothes..yay?)
// Luxury laptops for 1 million? People can't be serious...

P.S. I've been so bad about visiting blogs this past week and I miss them a lot. I'm excited to do some catching up this w/e...I'm coming!