Running Style

I've had a long time love affair with running. I adore it. Actually, I'm lazy so I dread going until I go and then I'm fine. Mark thinks I'm crazy. I think he's crazy.

Anyway, I've been so frustrated lately looking for some quality running shirts that I actually like style-wise. I know that this is the stupidest problem on the earth to have, but its annoying. I basically want to duplicate my current "running style" with actual running shirts (since right now I'm using huge Old Navy V-neck tees). I mean, I have some normal ones but I prefer this look and since I'm actually vain like that I'd rather sweat a little more than wear a high tech running shirt I guess. Maybe I should start my own line.

So, do you have any recommendations?

(Old Navy V-neck Tees, H&M leggings, Nike sports bra, Aasics (always Aasics)