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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I answered questions

I'm having one of those (above) days. Seriously. Even Wesley could barely cajole me out of my foggy stuffed epic cold sickness head. So I'm doing this (below). Because I miss myspace quizzes.

Christine (Christine Loves to Travel) recently nominated me for that Liebster award (thank you!), so I'm answering her questions here and I think you should probably answer the same questions because they are good and I want to know what you would say!

1. If you could go back to 1 country that you visited, where would you go back to? Croatia
2. Winter or summer travel? Summer, for sure
3. Describe the best food you've ever tasted? I can't describe it but it was a tapas restaurant in barcelona that we stumbled across - it was incredible.
4. Life is not complete without_______? true love
5. Where were you born? Valparaiso, IN
6.What is the one thing you can't live without? books
7. Wine or beer? beer!
8. How many languages do you speak? 3-ish. english, basic german and spanish
9. Where is your next travel destination? either London or Santorini
10. Describe your perfect day? Up early(ish)...and then a coffee and chocolate croissant, but in this perfect day its the healthiest breakfast possible. Then a good run. Then I hop on a plane loaded with new magazines and a book and relax while I fly (first class of course) to somewhere with a beach and/or my room has a private pool. Then I lay out all day, swim...then have an amazing dinner outside in the warmth somewhere...and drinks with no possibility of a hangover. Perfection.
11. Your favourite animal? a Bama
nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I'm loving your description of your "perfect day." I could use one of those right now. =)

Shannon Boyce said...

I love that picture - that is totally how I feel. And aww, myspace quizzes! Totally forgot about those.

Carried Away said...

The best food I ever tasted is Italian food, and it was in restaurant in Rome. And the perfect day, is similar to yours. I like quizzes but sometimes is hard to decide only on one answer...does this only happen to me??

Megan Lane said...

wow - three languages?! i guess that's what living in europe will do to you, that's so awesome. when i came home from studying abroad i was determined to learn spanish & french fluently.. yea didn't happen. maybe one day. hope you're feeling better!

Christine said...

I want the your "perfect day"!!! And thanks for answering my questions.

Fabulous Petite said...

I have one of these days, wow 3 languages-amazing ! Like your answer too on perfect day.


Hollie said...

LOVE. Get well soon.

Kristina said...

I still dream about Croatia - such a great place!! And, kann ich Dir jetzt auch immer auf deutsch schreiben?? :)

M said...

i need a day off!

Amanda said...

boo for fuchi days, but hey, I had been wondering how your German was coming along. I found it to be impossible to learn. Ugh.

Kristen said...

Hey, our idea of a perfect day are exactly the same! Who would have thought....

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

"a Bama" :-D

You are just too awesome.

I loved Barcelona too!

Claudz said...

I love your answer to favourite animal!
Three languages, impressive. I am dying to see Croatia and would love to show MrB the Tapas bars in Barcelona

Josie said...

I loved this, Krystal! I love getting to know bloggers a little bit.
xo Josie

Diana said...

I love the drinks with no possibility of a hangover. Can you imagine how great that would be? Why isn't this happening? What are scientists even doing?

Katherine Alice said...

Sigh. Oh how I miss myspace quizzes!!

Janelle @ Two Cups Of Happy said...

Your perfect day description sounds straight out of my regular daydream. Haha. And Santorini would be my destination of choice too! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)



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