6 months.

This little man turns 6 months old tomorrow. 6 months old! I can't even....I really can't. It's been a big week for us because I've started back to work 3 days/week and he has started daycare - it's definitely a whole new chapter - one that I'm still deciding if I like. I can't even handle that I have a 6 month old...and that I've kept him alive for 6 months (babies are scary)...or that 6 months has even passed...and that I'm raising a child...or how much it has grounded me and changed me for the better...or the amount of love I have for him or how much I want him to stay the exact same right now but how excited I am to watch him grow up - you know, all the typical mom things. But I just didn't know. You can't know until the little thing is in your arms smiling at you and he's YOUR person. So happy 6 months to my boy!