Weekend + Links

 yo! I'm in Lisbon! I hope, I scheduled this post, so if I'm not in Portugal that would really suck.  Thanks for your suggestions on that one post, it was very helpful...especially because we're the kind of people who just kind of show up in a city and expect to be entertained. I tried to do a little planning this time though, but mainly I'm excited to check out the ceramics, markets and to eat. Always to eat.

If you have time and really want a treat, you need to watch this mockumentary called The Centrifuge Brain Project about insane fair rides, its hilarious and fascinating. The picture above is an excerpt from my favorite part :)

Here are some other fun links from around:

+ Best roundup of summer necklaces
+ I keep playing this song by Seabird
+ 20 pieces of advice for women about men
+ Man spends 7 years drawing this intricate maze
+ A social media venting session. and great discussion in comments

Things you might have missed here this week:

Pictures from skiing
Favorite style pins
Betsy and Iya Jewelry

Have a great weekend!