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One of M's favorite mtn biking pictures from Switz.
Happy Easter weekend! Wesley and I are hanging in Luzern while Mark is on a mountain biking trip with some friends in Italy until Tuesday...and, basically all of my friends have skipped town! But it's ok, we are enjoying the cozy snowy/grey/rainy weather and taking the opportunity to organize around the house (before I head back to work this week *sad face*). We're also attempting some "baby led weaning" - have you heard of this? I just stumbled across this concept and am intrigued. Wesley explored a strawberry this morning...but it also makes me a little nervous so I'm advancing cautiously. I def like the idea of not having to make baby food all the time though.

Ok bye!

Links I Like.

+ Think I'll get the Z10 just so I can get this weather app
+ I tried this DIY sea salt spray for beach waves..i liked it a lot!
+ Would you sleep under the stars in the middle of a safari like this??
+ Actresses without teeth....gracious.

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