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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend + Links

Some gorgeous tiles of Lisbon for sale at an antique store (the city is known for its ceramics)
Well, you guys, have a great weekend. I'm just doing the usual + tons of cooking. I'm 6 days in to Whole 30 and it's been an interesting week with how my body has felt, new recipes, etc. Maybe at the end I'll write a post about it if you're interested? Today I ran, grocery shopped and cooked a healthy breakfast all before 11am. Miracles do happen! Have a great weekend!

+ The perfect black maxi

+ 3 Parenting Mistakes: a great article to bookmark

+ An Etsy shop full of blogger layouts for the best prices I've seen in awhile.

+ How to be a perfect parent..hilarious

+ Fun necklace

+ Customize your iPhone screen

+ 5 Blog Tips I'd give you if we were BFF's

And things you might have missed here:

+ A gorgeous bag
+ A 'hotel' I need to stay in
+ Great tourist outfit
+ RIP Google Reader and some alternatives. I'm a fan of 'The Old Reader'
Josie said...

Those Blogger pages are super cute!
xo Josie

Bella Bheag said...

Sounds like you are full of energy when I am trying to get my energy back!

I've always said that when you give birth to children you give birth to guilt at the same time. Pity a child rearing manual doesn't pop out soon after!

I am sure you are doing a wonderful job with your precious boy.

Sara said...

Those tiles are beautiful, Lisbon makes finding tiles easy!

Mary Lou said...

Beautiful tiles! Would love any of them in my home.

Kristina said...

The tiles are beyond beautiful!!
And yes, please share your experience with the whole 30, would love to hear about it! have a lovely weekend!
Kristina x

marissa bognanno said...

you always find the best stuff! loved the parenting article, so much of that hits home with me since i think i/we grew up in that bracket just before parents started to get super overprotective and afraid of letting kids experience life. have a great sunday my friend!

Carly said...

omg..beautiful tiles..when I first popped in I thought they were pillows...I am losing it.

E said...

I love that all those blog layouts are responsive too! Awesome. Love the tiles.

M said...

you MUST have taken this photo in Lisbon?!
I went last year (still trying to get my photos on my blog! UGH!) and got a tile that looks just like the ones in this photo! and saw these all over portugal!!!


Hollie said...

Yes, do write about your whole 30! Glad you had a successful weekend, lady!

Mat said...

quality links this week, quite techy. didn't even know you could customise your iphone screen

Ashley said...

I really really want that black maxi. But where the hell would I wear it?!?



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