Weekend + Links

Some gorgeous tiles of Lisbon for sale at an antique store (the city is known for its ceramics)
Well, you guys, have a great weekend. I'm just doing the usual + tons of cooking. I'm 6 days in to Whole 30 and it's been an interesting week with how my body has felt, new recipes, etc. Maybe at the end I'll write a post about it if you're interested? Today I ran, grocery shopped and cooked a healthy breakfast all before 11am. Miracles do happen! Have a great weekend!

+ The perfect black maxi

+ 3 Parenting Mistakes: a great article to bookmark

+ An Etsy shop full of blogger layouts for the best prices I've seen in awhile.

+ How to be a perfect parent..hilarious

+ Fun necklace

+ Customize your iPhone screen

+ 5 Blog Tips I'd give you if we were BFF's

And things you might have missed here:

+ A gorgeous bag
+ A 'hotel' I need to stay in
+ Great tourist outfit
+ RIP Google Reader and some alternatives. I'm a fan of 'The Old Reader'