Skiing Engelberg

I definitely made that skiing thing happen! (and here are some pictures from the day) Mondays are always so much better when you've had a full and fun weekend. One of my best friends has moved to Tokyo a couple months ago but was in town this past the weekend was spent spending a lot of time with her! We kicked off Friday with some karaoke (german speaking people singing american songs has got to be the funniest sounding thing ever). Saturday was her going away party until the early hours of the morning and then we were up early on Sunday for some skiing under bright blue skies and a lot of sun! Seriously, I felt like I was on a mini vacation - it was the best.
And now its Monday...I feel rested, content and happy to have a quiet day with a happy little Wesley :) ....and a sun burnt face which feels like summer!
I hope your week starts well my people!