RIP Google Reader.

My world is caving in. There have been meteors, sink holes and now I found out yesterday that Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1st!! WTF, universe. wtf. I thought it might be an early April Fools joke? But no.
I use it ALL the time and its the only thing that keeps me organized as I participate in this crazy blog world. I'm not alone in this as the internet has cried out to google and someone even started a petition at the white house page, ha! (they shut it down).  Did I hear that the topic trended over the new Pope on twitter? (or am I starting a rumor?)
So, I feverishly started researching and was on a mission yesterday to find something that looked the exact same. Obviously, that didn't happen but I did come up with some alternatives that I'll be testing out. Come on Google, whats next, Gmail?

I'd love to hear what you use and if you have any suggestions or reviews or tips? Here are some that I've rounded up:

1. Some friends gave me feedback on Facebook about their plans which included Feedly and Netvibes and *update* The Old Reader. The Old Reader looks good at is most visually similar to google reader. 

2. My friend Dimitri from the popular site Newly Swissed clued me in to this mysterious new reader called 'Read' that you can sign up for early access as they develop it

3. One of my favorite sites, LifeHacker, wrote a great post about alternatives and how to import your google reader

4. I personally signed up for Newsblur but am having issues importing my google reader via their easy import option as so many people are signing up for it at once after the google news. I like it so far and hope they can handle the traffic soon. I definitely want to stick with a web based reader so that I can access it anywhere.

I will try out many before settling on the perfect one so will keep you posted!