Lisbon Look

I can't shake the feel of Lisbon, are you sick of hearing about it yet? I'm sick of talking about it...but can't shake it. It's all serendipitous that the book I read that made me want to go there (Night Train to Lisbon) is now a movie that is actually playing in Luzern at the moment. I still want to share the rest of the pics sometime!

Anyway, how was your weekend? Mine was see, I was happily going about my weekend and just BAM like that at like 10pm on Saturday - stomach flu. You can imagine. My friend had to put me in a cab home. Then, I slept most of the night on the bathroom floor. But Sunday I got to recover in bed. And by Sunday night I was like a soldier and headed to Shamrocks for a Guiness because I can't ignore St. Patricks day when my fave bar is Irish and all my friends were there. I know right? But I think it made me feel better...the iron in the Guiness and all.

Today I'm better, but Mark is now home sick! Please almighty whatever, do. not. let. wesley. get this.

ALSO, today is where I start whole 30. I had breakfast, and black coffee (gross). But so far so good, nothing exciting or life changing to report yet. Ok bye!

1// Topshop booties 2// Random Umbrella 3// Dark Jeans 4// LC aviators 5// Zara shirt 6// Mango Bag