Gifts for new Moms (Under $30)

There are babies babies er'where these days. Before I had my own I would have been freaking out because babies scared me and I always thought I would drop them, but now I'm totally cool with them. In fact, I even like them. This morning I got lost in Etsy and all of the possibilities of little gifts for friends who are becoming new moms. It was amazing to get so many gifts for Wesley, but I was always touched when someone brought me a little gift too - it's so thoughtful. I love little delicate bracelets for everyday, so these options are something that I think I'll be giving out too.

1. Avnis Jewelry (18) 2. Bella Donna (13)  3. Mirit Levin (30) 4. Hibiscus Days (22) 5. Frosted Willow (18) 6. Lilas Chocolat (14.01)