Weekend + Links

Have a super weekend! I'm going to be out and about (prooobably drinking too much) dressed as an eskimo or a cheetah for carnival!! yah!! And Sunday will be celebrating the first birthday of my dear friends daughter (remember that cutie?)! Above are a couple pictures from the parade yesterday...I can't get enough of the craziness. So fun. What are you up to? 

Some Links that Caught My Eye

+ What kind of social network personality are you? (spare us nice guys please!)
+ Beyonce's photobomb
+ I like her hair
+ Excited to try this recipe (eating whole) and this soup
+ This Betsy & Iya necklace...so great.

This Blog: This Week

+ Carnival is here!
+ A couple of great winter street looks
+ A style post by me featuring Jupe du Jour Vintage
+ BTW, I got my planner!!