Goodbye Fasnacht :( :( :(

Ok, so here's my last fasnacht photo - me and a new friend. I'm sorry you can't see the eskimo outfit the best! And I'm not wearing the wig :( I wasn't the best at finding my camera during all the fun night times...because it was cold. and i was mostly frozen and to get my camera involved way too much work (like taking off gloves, etc). And the other ones are of us dancing in a one needs to see that, haha!
On one of the craziest nights (monday night) i had a fever and strep throat and had to walk through all the fun on the way to the dr.!!! it was torture!! but I caught it quickly and was back to health on tuesday where I got to spend the evening enjoying the madness. I will miss it so much. so only 359 more days!

P.S. Ok, the blog will go back to normal now.
P.S.S Would you wear these jeans? I mean seriously????