Fasnacht Part I

I'm like crazy excited about Fasnacht (Carnival) being here. Every year at this time Luzern is transformed in to an organized chaos. Floats, bars on wheels, people drinking everywhere, parties, insane costumes, confetti, drums, brass band music 24/7. Last year on my way to the station for work there were still people out at 7am partying. I love it - it's such a fun atmosphere! Some people leave the city for these days but I always want to get the most out of it. By day it's a little more calm with parades and everyone dressed up enjoying street food and the bands that are playing everywhere but by night...it's insane. I can't even describe it...

This year *this morning!* I finally was able to catch the 5am kick off and it was awesome! Who doesn't love a beer and hot dog for breakfast??? My friends and I met at around 4:45 and walked to the center where it all begins. About 5 minutes until 5 (the Swiss are still punctual even at this event)...all of the lights outside go off and everyone watches a boat with the Safran Guild (the original Luzern guild) arriving to the dock...they stand on it in costume all eery and quiet with candles and then some fireworks and canons go off, confetti rains over the city...and they start dancing like crazy people - and this marks the beginning! it was followed by a parade of bands in costume through the old town. We walked around to see what was going then I came back. It's almost 1pm and I still hear band music everywhere, even on our street...thank goodness Wesley can sleep through it! We're about to head out soon for some street food and to catch another parade...wondering what Wesley will think :)

//These photos are taken from a local radio stations website - I'll share some of my favorites soon!!