Wearing this Winter

Ok, so this is basically my winter style, it's all I want to wear - in addition to my big green warm parka. I just make sure to vary my company and destinations ;) I think I need to snap out of it. Actually, I'm usually in running clothes because we go in the afternoon and I find that I need to put them on in the morning so that I trick myself in to going (it works!). And yes that's an animal print scarf! Do you know how long I resisted animal print??? Then I found the perfect one at Zara and the rest was history. And now I wear animal print. Easy as that. Still no shirts/pants/or shoes though. We'll see.

1. Faux Fur Snood (Mine is from Express)
2. Grey Jeans (Mine are from H&M)
3. White Boyfriend shirt (Mine is from Wet Seal)
4. Leopard print scarf (Mine is from Zara)
5. Brown ankle boots (Mine are from Zara)

P.S. You can even verify this with my long time blog friend, Ashley, because now she is my real life friend after visiting a couple weekends ago!!! You can see her post on it here (where Wesley even makes an appearance, as does my bad hair and the standard white shirt). We had such a blast and I was so sad to see her and her friend go :(