Valentines Day Cards

 I wasn't even looking for Valentine's Day cards yesterday when I spent half the day on Etsy (sorry I was pinning like a crazy girl) - but then one thing lead to another and then I found a bunch of cool ones and then I was like, I need to blog about these, but it was an odd number so I had to find more so now here. are. 8. cool. valentines. day. cards. The End!

1// Love You to the Moon & Back ($5)
2// I Love You More Than My Smart Phone ($4)
3// Be My Valentine ($5)
4// I Love You (Plane) ($4)
5// You Are My One True Love ($4)
6// I Freakin Hate This Stupid Holiday ($3.50)
7// Love, We're So In It ($5)
8// I Love You Like Sheldon Loves His Spot ($5.50)

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