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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I couldn't resist sharing this photo of a scottish reindeer caretaker and his reindeer! 
Merry Christmas Eve!!
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas & Little Blog Vacation

Luzern, sunrise
Merry Christmas, players!

I truly hope you guys have a beautiful next few weeks. We are flying to the USA (with a 14 mo. old. on an airplane. in coach. during the day. i'm going to need a lot of wine) and will be there until the 3rd. I'm going to take a break from posting and focus on consuming all the dunkin donuts and buying all the things at Target (and visiting family!). I'm so excited to be in the US for a couple of weeks with Wesley, I can't wait for him to get to be loved on by our friends and family!
And as we start a new year - I'm thankful for you and the past year with Village. Thanks for sticking with me even though my posting is erratic at best (at least it is to me, who feels half focused) and even though I've been horrible at commenting on your posts (although I am reading!). I'm excited for 2014, new ideas, new health and running goals, finding a new blog look, new energy, organizing a little better, and being more personal I think. Life is too pretty to not share and connect over. But what I'm most excited about for the new year - are all the things that we'll do that we couldn't even possibly imagine now and that don't even exist in our brains...I love looking back on a year and all the fun times that I couldn't have even dreamed up. Life can be so beautiful!
What are your aims for 2014? (I can't say resolutions because I never keep them)

So farewell for now everyone, see you on the other side!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift Wrap Like This

Super cool gift wrapping idea via Apartment Therapy
Monday, December 16, 2013

Modcloth Challenge: Solar System Dress

Somebodies got a case of the Mondays! Is it you? It's not me, I am fine. And very very scattered. You see, this week we fly with a one year old, on an airplane, to the USA. I'm freaking out only a little bit (a lot). But I'm super excited for Dunkin Donuts coffee so I will just think about that. I'm not joking though - I love Dunkin Donuts and my love has only grown fonder with distance...sigh.

Anyway, today I'm participating in this Mod Cloth Challenge thing where they give me (us..other bloggers?) one article of clothing and we have to design an outfit around it - For this challenge the piece to design around was the Heart and Solar System Dress.  This was super hard because I'm not sure I'd wear this I decided to go all out and my outfit is on the funky/fun side with a lot going on - like, I think I'd actually wear it if I were going out for a random night out or something, maybe in another town....ha! jk. I don't know - I mean, who knows, maybe I could pull it off? Either way, if I saw another girl wearing it I'm sure I would envy her daring display of fun style!

Heart and Solar System Dress + Black leather jacket + Sneaker wedges + Cat Hat + Camel Colored Tote + Blue Colored Scarf + Polka Dot Tights + Earrings
Saturday, December 14, 2013

11 days and counting...

A cool print for you boy (I have this and love it)

Gold cheese knives set

Land of Nod figures for your fave toddler

Awesome iPhone cover..

Have a fantastic weekend! I need to shop, obviously. And I'm going to go bake with a real live Swedish person and we are going to make Swedish things! And I don't know what else - try to soak up the christmasness...I'm so sad to leave Luzern for the holidays, its the prettiest here right now :(

Here are some more gift ideas from around here:
Random list of ideas
Gift Ideas for Paper Lovers
Gift Ideas for the Coolest Nerds
Helvetica Calendar
Pretty Prints
A Box From...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Gift Ideas

a cool blanket. I love these. Especially the black and white one (hint hint)

geometric wooden ornaments - what pinterest loving/blog reading girl wouldn't like these?

Mason jar shot glasses.

Keyboard stickers

And don't miss:
Gift Ideas for Paper Lovers
Gift Ideas for the Coolest Nerds

...but I didn't organize these all pretty like a blogger is supposta...what now!
Are you done xmas shopping? nevermind don't tell me if you are. misery loves company, i have no clue what i'm doing this year, all i know is that i conned mark in to getting me a certain pair of jeans for xmas and i can go pick them up tomorrow, hurrah!
7 days and counting until we are in the USA!


Here's a pic from the super surprise!

I cant stay on top of blogging (or anything) so far this week, or reading yours, and I KNOW I'm missing out on some good stuff. But when you wake up in the morning and immediately have to hose down your kid in the bathtub because of a super bad case of diarrhea (and then clean everything and then go to the dr.)...ummm, good times. I am going to have a drink tonight.
Monday, December 9, 2013


My style, fo sho
via // via

So, fill me in on your w/e??? I couldn't believe it but Mark planned a surprise (early) bday party for me while everyone was still in town of all of my favorite people - we went on a fajita dinner boat around lake luzern! and then out for some drinks. it was awesome and everyone totally pulled it off, I had no clue.  then a friend and i took advantage of sunday shopping in zurich (shops are open on sundays in december!). It's such a luxury to be able to shop on Sundays, you have no idea!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gift Ideas: Paper

Happy Weekend! Instead of the normal links I'll be giving you some Christmas Gift ideas, because lets face it, this is the last weekend you can order anything safely, right? Good luck, hope you are on top of it (unlike moi).

First up is for paper loves...aka me, and probably you, who doesn't like paper? I still remember loving to get in to my grandmas paper and pen stash...I LOVED that drawer. Something about owning fresh notebooks makes you think you have endless possibilities...of what, I don't know...but give me any kind of unused paper and Im happy.

1. Field Notes Subscription
2. a Debby Carlos print 
3. Aviator Stationary
4. Tomorrow 2014 planner (these are my fave)
5. Travel Journal
6. Polka Dot Stationary
7. Notebook
8. Whatup Stationary
Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Cards

Im pretty sure that Christmas cards are going to pass me right by this year, I haven't even ordered them yet...but maybe I'll surprise myself. (Here are my 2011 and 2012 Christmas Cards though!)  But here's ideas for YOU anyway!
1. sweet perversion
2. wild pulp
3. downtimecollectiv
4. ThreeLittleWords
5. rocket ink
6. bubbyandbean


via yumalum etsy
Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Not quite the blue hour...but almost. A peaceful walk with the brown dog and my little person, while said little person sang softly through our neighborhood. I'm not one to say cheesy things, but his little sing-song voice is the best most heart warming thing I've ever heard. He wakes up in the morning and does this song too, while he's waiting for us to get him up, and most of the time, I let him sing and talk his heart out for awhile before I go in there because I love listening.

And I also want to tell you, that you should always smile at babies. I have to tell you this because - well,  when we are on the train or the bus, Wesley really likes to look at people and as soon as he catches their eye he will smile away at them and usually people smile back and it makes Wesley smile even harder - but every so often, you run in to people (I think I might have been one before motherhood?) who just don't smile at babies, or acknowledge them...and when Wesley comes across one of these people he looks so confused, and a little rejected - and then my hearts breaking for him. Because can't we just keep them innocent as long as we can? Can't he just believe that everyone will smile at him and like him and that no one will ever hurt him?
Does he have to grow up and do I have to send him out in to the world? 
A lifetime of cheerios and trains and reading goodnight moon would suffice.


All year I look forward to December because it means the christmas markets start which means there's gluhwein (hot spiced wine) which means I can drink it every day if I want to because its seasonal so I must enjoy it while I can (this makes sense right?). Apparently there's a swedish gluhwein stall that I've seemed to have missed always and my friendo brought me there last night and it was so freaking good. Thank you friend, and thank you sweden!
Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Free Gift Tags

These free printable gift tags are really pretty...and there is a color version too..

P.S. Clearing my closet for winter here!
Monday, December 2, 2013

Abandoned Buildings

Here is a really cool Flickr photo stream of abandoned buildings. This totally fascinates me. I remember stumbling on some abandoned houses, etc, when I was kid and we were exploring random places - super eery but exciting nonetheless.

On another note, I'm have bigtime problems with Google (i dislike you more and more google!) because my credit card that automatically renewed my domain name has expired, so without telling me they suspend my account (or maybe this happened when my blog was blocked that one time)...anyway, I don't have access to it to update the payment forever and ever running in circles, I've set up a new account so hopefully all is resolved soon. or else I'll have a new web address.  Google has pissed me off in 2013 reader?! google home page?!
Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hope you had a great weekend! We went to the christmas market in Konstanz (Germany). It was super crowded (and so cold!) but really pretty - we managed to enjoy some gluhwein and some german foods - that was worth it!

P.S. nevermind the horrible blog design, i'm in transition to better things #hopefully
Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend + Links


Links You Might Like
+ A touching video on what stay at home moms do all day
+ On quitting sugar
+ Strangers sleeping on strangers on subways...i was smiling so much while watching this!
+ These gloves...for real. are so fun.
+ A cool apartment in London you can rent for a w/e
+ Cool mens shoes and these
+ Beautiful love letter found with an 16th Century mummy

Around Here
+ Gift Guide!!! For Nerds
+ Such pretty jelly fish photos

Hope you guys had a very happy Thanksgiving!!! We spent it eating dinner at a super nice restaurant called "The Old Swiss House" - they make the Wienerschnitzel right at your table - it's such a treat to eat there.  But I definitely would have traded it for my grandma's thanksgiving dinner! So sad not being in the states sometimes.
This weekend we'll head to Germany for a Christmas market!! But then Wesleys grandma leaves on Sunday - sad for wesley as he gets super spoiled! 
See you!
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gift Guide: Nerds.

Or for me!

1. Glow stick umbrella $30.00 (who wouldn't want this?!)
2. 'Sup' door mat $50.00 (for everyones inner gangsta (ashley i'm looking at you))
3. Stereo cufflinks. $22.00 (why am i not a guy?!)
4. Star Wars cookie cutters $7.50 (I don't think I've seen that movie)
5. A villain bottle opener $8.00 (conversation starter for sure)
6. Record placemats $15.00 (be a DJ at dinner)
7. Star wars (or is it trek?) iPhone case! $42.80

Monday, November 25, 2013


Such cool.
vancouver aquarium, may 2013. photos andy clark
via awkward situationalist

Have a great Monday! I can't believe the weekend is over already - it was so relaxing, lots of good food, good company, wesley is enjoying his grandma...and the best was cat naps on the couch while football is on under a warm blanket...and reading.  I think Monday will hit hard!
Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend + Links


Links You Might Like

+ How to moon walk
+ New Tumblr to follow: Rap Poems
+ How you conduct yourself online and in person. Worth a watch
+ Oh the grey tee. 
+ a perfect recipe, overnight oats
+ My perfect holiday party dress
+ Loving H&M Home..and these mugs
+ The original cool dad hipsters

Around Here
+ Larsson & Jennings watches
+ Cool Design
+ Who thought shoe sole inserts could be so cool
+ Gorgeous Japanese bride

Heyyyyya, how is it Friday already? again? What? Marks mom arrives tomorrow to hang out with her grandson for a week and maybe we will check out some Christmas markets! I'm looking forward to the reunion at the airport!
Also, how is it winter already again? double what! remember when it was 5 months ago and we could have a drink after work in the sun? in the daylight?

P.S. That picture is from tokyo - maybe you saw it on my Instagram. Its a view from my companies office (no I didn't work, but my friend I was visiting works there so we went up to take in the views, and maybe a lot of selfies happened, ha!)
Thursday, November 21, 2013


Nice to meet you, Larsson & Jennings watches!
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Drill Design

Some cool designs from Tokyo's Drill Design
Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shoe Sole Inserts by Danke

I totally bought some of these in Tokyo, because I've never seen them before and they are SO FUN WEEEEE!!!! >> Shoe sole inserts by Japanese brand, Danke :: ::

Monday, November 18, 2013

Japanese Bridal Photo

So neat to catch this happening...what a gorgeous image in time with the bride in white.

Did you have a good w/e? I caught up with some friends for coffee/hot chocolate, had the first fondue of the season at a party, breakfast out with my little family, and some cooking! It wasn't a bad one you guys, not at all.
Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Linky Dinks

 Links You Might Like

+ Knitted bean bags! Dreamy.
+ Ever visiting Helsinki? Do the beer trail!
+ This highlighting/contouring photo blew my mind
+ A seriously beautiful wallpaper
+ I need #5!! Game of Thrones fans out there? ;) 
+ I just ordered this for carnvial, I am so excited
+ Such cool double-exposed Instagram pictures
+ Falling for You - a hilarious rom com trailer
+ A great gift guide for your sister 
+ A beautiful wedding, its in the details

Around Here

+ New on my bucket list - ice breaker cruise
+ Amazing photographer and pics of Chicago
+ Love this bar cart
+ Wesleys first year: a Photo
+ Photos from my FAVE store in Tokyo: Hole

I love this beautiful picture of Tokyo. I found it on Pinterest and now I can't find it again for the source, so its admittedly dicey of me to use but it needs to be shared.

Have a great w/e you guys!
Thursday, November 14, 2013

Style and Tokyo: Hole

I wanted this shirt SO BADLY but it didn't fit.

A science beaker necklace to go with the beaker themed dress. dying.
why didn't I get this?
the coffee pants in action
who doesn't love cat shoes?
Everything that was so amazing about Tokyo aside, I LOVED exploring all of the shopping options and spying on all the Japanese girls and guys and their quirky styles.  If I could describe my style, it is pretty basic (full of blacks, whites, greys), clean, on trend - but I'll never snap up the latest trendy thing, instead waiting to see if I like it and if I can incorporate it in to whatever style it is that I have going, so a lot of things pass me by. But Japanese fashion blew my steady road style out of the water because I loved it and I wanted to wallow in it and embrace it! It was so fun and there were so many quirky things to surprise the eye with - I can't describe it!

My FAVORITE store is pictured here....I was SO excited about this shop that we went in to in the Harajuku area of Tokyo (my absolute favorite place to walk around) that I abandoned all of my photographer shyness and asked if I could take pictures. It had the quirkiest most wonderful things that we spent so much time in there just delighting in it...If you are ever there you have to go to Hole (by a "veteran japanese brand, I am I). And here is their blog. (and here is another blog post about them with more pictures of some summer style, lOVE!)

5-25-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku  / 81 (0)3 3406 5658



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