Hey Monday!

I'm sharing some Wesley pictures because it's been awhile - he's two and a half months old, can you believe that? Can I believe that? no! I'm in love with this kid, especially because for a few weeks now he's been sleeping from 7:30pm to 8am - it's incredible. I need sleep and that first month or so really sucked. My favorite thing is to get him up in the morning. He sleeps on his stomach and when I flip him over he gets so excited and smiles really big and his legs shoot up like he has all this pent up joy and happiness...and then i'm smiling and we're all smiling and this is BEFORE coffee. I've never smiled before coffee before ever...

So anyway, on Saturday we are flying back to the states for Christmas...I'm excited but mostly I'm not excited because I feel like this will wreak havoc on his sleeping all night. Any tips? have you flown across the atlantic with a baby before? What happened?? (please only tell me the good stories).