You know how that one time I talked about how if you're walking around at night how it is fun to look in to people's windows to check out what their lives are like? I stumbled across this online photography magazine that also fulfills this weird spying habit but I guess in a less creepy way...

Dispose magazine offers people around the world a disposable camera and they are to take pictures throughout one day. Four people are then published in each issue. When I read about it I was all OH I'LL SEND SOME IN NEED VOLUNTEERS??? and then I realized, with contributors like weed dealers, artists, DJ's, fashion designers...I'd need to up my game a little to lend them some credibility. But, super cool concept - interesting photos.......and I get a glimpse in to random people's lives....I love it.
"We believe that people want a glimpse into the lives of others, it seems to fulfill a curious human characteristic. When we look at contemporary forms of media, whether it be through social media, blogging or even reality TV, people seem to have a major interest in the uncensored lives of others"
-editor, Bruno Levy (he backs me up!)
(quote extracted from article on Cool Hunting)
I've been getting my kicks from Real Housewives episodes and my neighbors are boring so I welcome anything that can be deemed as a little more cultural ;)