Weekend + Links

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+ Mysterious/Eery polaroid pictures
+ Really neat murals found throughout Stavanger and Sandnes in Norway
+ Why German is so great...so true :)
+ If you missed it on my FB page, interesting interview with Milton Glaser (designer of the famous I  Love NY icon)
+ Grandpa's Magic Trick...this is seriously cute
+ Anthro $18 fleece-lined leggings
+ Coffee beans and tea lights
+ I made this broccoli soup last night and it was delish
+ Creative Income for the Holidays via Side Street Style

Happy Weekend you guys! I'm not sure what we are up to - having no plans is fantastical, I tell you. Is hanging out with Wesley a plan? Maybe hot chocolate by the river? Christmas shopping? Because omg christmas is next month.

Can I just tell you that Wesley slept for a 9 hour stretch last night. The kid is 6 weeks old...He's been sleeping long stretches but that was pretty amazing. And when he wakes up at 4:30 and I change him, he is smiling and laughing (and pooping) I almost don't want to put him back to bed! I say almost...because dudes, I like sleep. 

Ok enough bebe talk. What are you up to in life?

This blog/This week:
- a catch-up
- can't help myself, cute boy onesies
- a beautiful letter to new people
- pretty bracelet