OK, for real

aaaand I'm here. the last couple of weeks have been ca-razy. marks family came to visit - it was so nice but we were running all over switzerland and beyond and then i was getting laaaid-up sick for like 4 days with strep throat (timing coincided nicely to have round the clock baby care for the duration though!).  Wesley is like, over a month old now which I'm still in denial I even HAVE a child so pretty much at his highschool graduation i'm going to be like, "you're mine?? i have to pay for your college????? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? what!!!"  He's sleeping predictably at night....he has taken his first vacation to another area of switzerland, his first boat ride across lake luzern, he's been to Lichtenstein and France and Germany now. pretty much everything he does is a "first" though so writing like this could get tiring....his favorite thing ever is to lay on his changing table, so like a good mom I leave him there for a bit so i can like...make coffee and blog. jk. i don't blog while he is there, he's next to me right now fighting a nap (his other fave thing to do!).

anyway, happy monday you guys. my sister in law, liz, took this gorgeous picture of snowy luzern a couple weeks ago.

lets get back to business after this, k? k!

how are you?