Christmas Gift Ideas

Sooooo I'm not in the Christmas spirit quite yet...or I'm really lazy, but I have not worked up the motivation to work on christmas guides (which I usually love to do). But I do have the motivation to like things I think every now and then I'm just going to throw up some things that I fancy and maybe it gives you inspiration?
Have you started Christmas shopping? I have actually! Have you started listening to Christmas music? If so our friendship is over. I'm kidding!!! Seriously, I am. But I can't do it until December. Then we can be friends again and even listen to it together.
1. Earrings by Kerrie Yeung ($42) - because I like shiny things
2. Ryan McGinness To-Do List Calendar ($24.95) - because I make a freakish amount of lists
3. Onesie pajama's (107 gbp) - so I can match Wesley. and they are amazing.
4.  J. Crew Moccasins ($39.50) - because I'm FREEZING right now and the washer ruined my other ones.