Farm Brunch

Youuuuu guys, I did this activity on August 1st. And it is now the end of September and I'm getting around to telling you about it - what is my deal???
I'd let it go to archives somewhere, BUT, it's one of the yummiest/most delightful mornings I've had in Switzerland so far - and I actually made the effort to take some pictures so I could share the experience.
So, August 1st is Swiss National Day, like the 4th of July - and farmers and farms around the country open their doors/barns/farms to host these magnificent fresh from the farm brunches to celebrate. Like, this was the best meal I've ever eaten here...and they served the coffee in BOWLS. That was the best part for some reason, I thought it was so neat. I haven't replicated this at home yet though, I don't think it would come off nearly as cool in my own kitchen.
Anyway...enjoy le photos. I won't talk your ear off about it, just to was delicious. And only 10 more months until I can do it again!