Your Weekend Links

I have to steer clear of those people who are constantly "so busy, omg"...they stress me out. Sometimes I'm that person and I stress me out! Here's a great article in the NY Times about being busy - seriously worth a read. Unless you are too busy of course. 
Have a great w/e!

+ Could not be more in love with this outfit
+ Pinterest drinking game.
+ Such a gorgeous brownstone
+ A wooden keyboard...nice.
+ DIY: a stamped clutch
+ she handmakes her own beads
+ 12 Ways to Re-use wine bottles 
+ I tried this healthy pinterest dinner and it was a success 
+ Can't help but laugh at this Samsung ad making fun of iPhone 5 
+ Great September desktop calendar 

P.S. Are we liking eachother on Facebook?

(things you might have missed?) 

+ Montreals Musical Light Swings
+ Only my favorite couple ever
+ decor inspiration
+ fall shirts
+ my unique dining excursion in Zurich

P.P.S The winner of the Lolabella's bracelet giveaway according is #18...Brandi S.! Email me!