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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Your Weekend Links

I have to steer clear of those people who are constantly "so busy, omg"...they stress me out. Sometimes I'm that person and I stress me out! Here's a great article in the NY Times about being busy - seriously worth a read. Unless you are too busy of course. 
Have a great w/e!

+ Could not be more in love with this outfit
+ Pinterest drinking game.
+ Such a gorgeous brownstone
+ A wooden keyboard...nice.
+ DIY: a stamped clutch
+ she handmakes her own beads
+ 12 Ways to Re-use wine bottles 
+ I tried this healthy pinterest dinner and it was a success 
+ Can't help but laugh at this Samsung ad making fun of iPhone 5 
+ Great September desktop calendar 

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(things you might have missed?) 

+ Montreals Musical Light Swings
+ Only my favorite couple ever
+ decor inspiration
+ fall shirts
+ my unique dining excursion in Zurich

P.P.S The winner of the Lolabella's bracelet giveaway according is #18...Brandi S.! Email me! 
Tamaras Blend said...

Whoa, this picture sums all my thoughts about "being busy"! I'm definitely reading the article in NYT too. Have a great weekend!

Cara said...

I love this picture, I'm going to pin it so I can remind myself to take everything in stride. :) Love the stamped clutch and the look of that sweet potato burger too!

Mat said...

you do find some pretty ace stuff!

- the wine bottles as shelfs look dangerous
- avocado and sweet tats burger sounds top notch
- didn't think i'd like the samsung ad but i sure did
- yeah you find the best stuff

Cafe Fashionista said...

I seriously love this link list - that brownstone is gorgeous, and I love the idea of re-using wine bottles in so many creative ways! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the brownstone!I totally agree with you - people who are always going on about how busy they are get on my nerves. They always seem to think that their lives are so much more important than everyone else's . . . yeah, yeah! They just wear me out!

Hollie said...

This made me laugh out loud. I think people who brag about being busy are probably lying. And silly too. Because if you're really that busy, why stop to talk about it?

Dancing Branflake said...

I am the least busy person I know and I love it. At first I felt really guilty, but then I was like, "Freak. I don't care. I'm gonna go on Pinterest for as long as I want and have everyone who follows me judge me."

Claire Kiefer said...

You know what? I am less busy than I've been in years, and it's a remarkable feeling. This spring, for instance, I was teaching high school, working a part time job at Voice of Witness (where I now work full time), teaching one night a week at the prison, and fulfilling various social/friend/boyfriend duties. It was crazy, and frankly, I was crazy! But now I'm working for Voice of Witness, and I work from HOME at least 3 days a week, and I still teach at the prison, but still--life is totally manageable! And I love it.

I also love the idea of that pinterest dinner. YUM! I have some sweet potatoes, so may have to try that tonight. I'm close to tears, though, cause we're nearing the end of avocado season here. :( :( :(

Olga said...

Being busy, it's quite typical for me. A very interesting article, thank you.

Manda said...

That brownstone is a dream. Ever since watching "You've Got Mail"- I've wanted my own sweet space.

Thanks for sharing!
Happy Weekend Mama & Bebe. :) (...and Papa I s'pose!)
Eat Cake

M said...

im actually TOO busy!
wish i wasn't!

hopefully will get un-busy enough to edit my lisbon pics for u!


Astrid said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, it made me discover yours! I will definitely be coming back, awesome layout and I love all the links, super fun.

Poise & Vogue

PS your message above the comment box cracked me up!

Francesca Giusti said...

love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D


Lovely photo's!

Marlen said...

i read that article! and it's so true- we really do glorify being stressed and busy.

thais said...

we are indeed living the 'busy century' and it sucks ;)
I have read that article and been trying to get less busy myself. so many great links - hope you got to have a great w/e

Miška said...

so lovely blog
Wanna follow each other? Let me know :* I will follow back.

A Brit Greek said...

I recently read an article about being busy, there were different categories, all of which made me laugh, because I could definitely those in people I know! Myself included!
Gonna check out that Pinterest drinking came... just becuase it's the weekend.

Bonnie said...

The Pinterest drinking game made me laugh. Who knew?
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Katrina Sophia said...

Brilliant quote! I've had a look at this article, you're right it is a really good article to read. So true too.

Pinterest drinking game is wicked, I'd get drunk fast as those topic are POPULAR on there hehe.

The wooden keyboard, major want!!

The Young Bridget Jones

Jill said...

I really enjoyed that article, thanks for sharing! I often feel too busy too and I'm trying to make more time for the important things in life. I feel like I never have enough time to blog, read, write, or do chores, but life shouldn't be spent just rushing through it, we need to take time to enjoy. :)

A Mode World said...

Some great links - adore the re-using wine bottles one! xA

Erica said...

Uh Oh, that article is so me. lol! What a dose of reality. My husband keeps me sane. He's the 'un'busy one. ;)

rooth said...

I'm clicking like crazy through your links - hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Allison Taylor said...

Link posts are my favorite. That wood keyboard is killer!

LyddieGal said...

Thanks for sharing the 'busy' article.
I know too many people who are always far to busy. I prefer not to be!

Chic on the Cheap

Raji said...

Thanks for sharing, there's so many weird and wonderful things on the internet, and I love looking at them all!

Monica L. Shulman said...

That article is so interesting and so true! Those people bother me too but I can understand since I'm usually complaining about how busy I am and then not really having much going. Fantastic links!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love Krystal! <3

Punctuation Mark said...

I love that quote... I need to do that!!? Have a great week my dear!!!

alli/hooray said...

That Pinterest drinking game is spot on : )

kacie said...

This is so great. I'm happy to have found your blog since you've been leaving such nice comments on mine! Love your work.


Kelle Dame said...

Amen! I love it when I am only slightly guilty of such an offense! :)

:: Gina :: said...

so if you have any kind of statcounter you'll know i've stalked your blog for the past few days while my jet lagged wore off... great blog, i love it xo


come follow my blog and then i will follow yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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